Jeff "JJ" Shaw

Shaw Law Offices is the only personal injury law firm in Indiana that focuses primarily upon slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall or premises liability cases. Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw has been an Indiana personal injury attorney for over 30+ years and has worked at some of the biggest and most prestigious personal injury law firms in the State of Indiana throughout his career. Shaw has handled literally thousands of personal injury claims and cases from start-to-finish for injured Indiana residents. His numerous $1,000,000+ verdicts displays a proficiency in the largest and most complicated injury cases while still performing the diligent work necessary to achieve a fair and equitable result on the claims that happen on an everyday basis.

When you are injured, it is a good idea to "Better Call Shaw". It's a helpful reminder to call an experienced, compassionate attorney -- Jeff "JJ" Shaw. JJ has experience that few other attorneys can match. His story is a long one.

Shaw is a life-long Indiana resident, born and raised in LaPorte, Indiana. He attended LaPorte High School and graduated in 1982. From there, he attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he Double Majored in just 3.5 years (English, B.A. and American History, B.A. in 1986). Shaw also found time to be the Managing Editor (Summer, 1984) of the Indiana University school daily newspaper, "The Indiana Daily Student" (back at the old Ernie Pyle Hall) joining a long list of accomplished journalists in its 100+ years of history. He was a member of the Dean's List (1982) and was invited to participate in an honors class of school leaders in 1986 at the Kelly School of Business.

Next, Shaw attended Indiana University School of Law (Maurer School of Law) where he made Dean's List his first semester. He was a Final Eight member of the Moot Court team with his partner, the late Steven Jeffirs.

While attending the IU School of Law, Shaw clerked during the summers for large firms in Dallas, Texas, where he got to meet Henry A. Wade, the famed prosecutor of Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald (had he lived). Wade was also the named litigant in America's seminal Supreme Court case on abortion, Roe v. Wade. Shaw and Wade became fast friends, despite the age difference, and many luncheons were attended where Wade imparted his Texan perspective on life and litigation to Shaw, who still considers him one of the primary role models in helping him get to where he is today.