The 'Register' component asks for your email, name and a pin number between 6-9 Digits

Terms & Agreement

It is required that you read through and accept the 'Terms & Agreement' page before moving forward.


The 'Questionnaire' page asks specific information about your incident. This will reappear each time you sign in so it's not essential you fill out the entire forum before moving forward to the 'Home Screen' page.

Home Screen


The 'Home Screen' is where most of the user activity will happen. Here you will see every button, most importantly the 'Value/Completeion Wheel.'

Quick Contact Buttons

'Quick Contact Buttons' give easy access to the communication elements of this app.

Value/Completion Wheel

The 'Value/Completion Wheel' will quickly provide you an estimate of what your case is worth and how soon you can expect it to be completed.

Case Steps

'Case Steps' will show exactly which step your case is on and will give a more precise picture of where you are in the process.

Value History

The 'Value History' button will show exactly what variables have effected the estimated value of their case. This includes both negative and positive changes.

Upcoming Dates & Court Docket

It will be in the client's best interest to check frequently 'Upcoming Dates' regularly to make ensure they have the availability in their schedule.

Medical Records

Under the 'Medical Records' button there is a catalog of all medical records related to the case.

Pain Journal

In the 'Pain Journal' we suggest the client inform us with any changes in their relevant medical condition.